My life-changing trip to Haiti

In the summer of 2015, before my senior year of high school, I had the pleasure of going on a mission trip to the beautiful country of Haiti. I went into the trip knowing only of the destruction and poverty in the country but came away personally knowing the beautiful people and amazing places.

Crazy traffic
Haitian church
Me and Esther
She liked taking selfies with my camera

My group partnered and stayed with Heartline Ministries, an organization dedicated to orphan prevention and the strengthening of Haitian families. Heartline Ministries has a ministry dedicated to men, women and children and provides education, work and medical services to Haitians.

View from the roof of the Heartline Ministries guest house
Heartline Ministries Center

I had the chance to visit one of the Heartline Ministries’ centers and see the local bakery where Heartline employs several of its men’s ministry graduates, and the school where women are taught how to cook, sew and sell their creations. My mission group also spent a day at the children’s camp playing with the kids and teaching them about Jesus. The center was also in the middle of building a new maternity center to provide moms and newborns with safe medical care.

Children’s camp at Heartline Ministries

One of my favorite parts about being in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, was spending time with the kids. My group spent time at two orphanages and a school in Cite Soleil, an extremely impoverished and dangerous place in the city. Although we were surrounded by conditions most people can’t even imagine living in, the kids had so much love to give.

Location of one of the orphanages

The kids were so excited to color

Stephen colored this picture for me (I still have it)

The school in Cite Soleil
The kids loved getting their faces painted with hearts and smiley faces
We also made bracelets with the kids
We had devotions too

They also loved taking pictures

Haiti is a very poor and impoverished country, but it also has some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. On the first day we spent there we had the chance to see Lake Azuéi, the largest lake in Haiti. It was truly breathtaking to see Lake Azuéi, the huge mountains, the palm trees and the clear-water beaches of Haiti. On our last day, we went to the Wahoo Bay Beach Club and Resort and spent the day swimming in the clearest water I have ever seen and snorkeling through the coral reef with the fishes.

Lake Azuéi
Lake Azuéi
Wahoo Bay beach
Houses on the beach
Houses on the beach

The trip I took to Haiti was one I will remember forever; however, the thing I will remember most is not the beauty of the beaches and the mountains, but the beauty of the amazing people and the love they showed me.

Have you ever been on a mission trip? Share with me below?


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